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bitinvestworld.com Bitinvest World Is simply a Bitcoin investment platform that allows investors to come onboard and invest with the sole aim of making profit thus making it an alternative source of income,It is a platform you can trust anytime,anyday and it is an easy to use platform even for a first time investor. All you need do is to have your Bitcoin wallet account ready and funded with Bitcoin,then register on www.bitinvestworld.com,log in with your username and password,then click on make a deposit and follow the instructions,our wallet address is also displayed for you to make your deposit,depending on the plan you choose. We have plans 1-6 as below 1- 2% ROI, 2- 4% ROI, 3- 8% ROI, 4- 13% ROI, 5. 16% ROI, 6. 20% ROI, These are the different plans and the respective ROI daily,The least investment cycle last for 5 days,so after every 5 days you can choose to withdraw all your funds or re-invest it,the choice is entirely yours. You can withdraw by clicking on the withdrawal button on your dashboard and your funds go straight to your wallet. Paying investors thier daily ROI is not a problem to bit investworld as we invest excess profit on Real Estate,Crude oil and softwares thus keeping us afloat and ahead of other investment platforms.Now you can understand why investors can even withdraw a million dollars at a go. Feel free to request for a consultant to be allocated to you if you are still finding it difficult to undestand.

bitinvestworld.com - Your Profitable online Investment offers everyone, who wishes to have stable extra earnings in the long term to invest in our Company. Once you make a deposit, you start getting daily interest/profit and continue earning until your deposit term expires. After that you can either withdraw your deposit and profit or re-invest it again, for another term, to continue getting daily interest/profit. The profit we make all from all our investments are shared to all our investors,hence they always come back re-investing with us..

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