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Earn 2% To 20% Daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire registration process is very easy: Just press the Register button on the home page of the website. Once registered, you can log in to your dashboard.

No, BitinvestWorld is owned by a fully registered company in UK since 2016 in the name Bit Invest LIMITED and makes us a legal entity.

BitInvestWorld is owned by Group Of CryptoCurrency Investors and the sole owner of the program

You can start to earn money in BitInvestWorld by following 4 simple step

  1. Register by clicking the register button
  2. Deposit to our program minimum $99
  3. Wait For System to Generate Your Daily Profit
  4. withdrawal Money Anytime

No. We will blocked all your account.

We accept members from all countries, but you must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the program.

We currently accept Bitcoin,Litecoin,Bitcoin cash,Doge coin and ethereum. More maybe added in future if the need arise

All purchases made at BitInvestWorld are final and are non-refundable once your deposit,there is no refund after payment.

Our support staff are working hard to provide the best, fast and quality customer support service that you deserve. Therefore expect your reply as fast as possible. Delays may be experienced when your ticket is either filtered by our spam filters or when your ticket was overlooked.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again when you do not receive a response within 24 hours or connect with us through our support online

The entire registration process is very easy: Just press the "sign up" button on the home page of the website and ensure you fill your wallet address in both columns(it is compulsory to avoid freezing). Once registered, you can log in to your dashboard,please ensure you have a bitcoin account,if you do not have one then register for one online with any company of your choice. e.g www.localbitcoins.com or www.paxful.com or www.luno.com or www.binance.com.

The minimum investment amount is only $99 and the maximum amount for all transaction is $1,000,000 .

Your account will be updated instantly as you deposit. For Bitcoin deposits you should send actual amount to shown Bitcoin wallet, and your deposit will be added after 3 confirmations ,it can take from 2 minutes up to 1 hour.

Yes you can,and you can make a deposit from your account balance. Simply log into your member account, click "Make Deposit", select Payment System and enter amount. Then click on "Make Deposit" button.

How to withdraw money?

You need to go to "member Area" then click "Request payment or withdraw". Then select balance, and select your processor and then click "REQUEST". Our system will send money Within 24 Hours after request but only after you have credited our wallet directly with your withdrawal fees of 0.074%. We also wish to let you know that we have made several millionaires and still counting.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD.

You can fund a wallet with Bitcoin.

Your withdraw request sent to your payment processor account within 24 hours of receiving your withdrawal fees of 0.074%. Please be informed that after 40 days withdrawal fees are no longer valid whether you have withdrawn or not,so if you are paying in tranches do work within this so that you will not have to lay blames.

Do you have referral commission structure?

Yes we do Multi Referral Plan of 10% First level and 5% Second Level.

Our referral commission is based on percentage.

We have Multi Referral Plan of 10% First level and 5% Second Level.

Deposit is not required to participate in affiliate program, you can earn referral commission as an ordinary member.

No, you can't

Can I withdraw My Principal Amount/capital?


Can I withdraw Bonus?

No you cannot,you can only invest your bonus and withdraw the profit you made from your capital and your bonus.

What will happen if i mistakenly withdraw my bonus or i forget and withdraw from my bonus account or if i am not aware of this and withdraw my bonus?

Once that happens,your account with us will be FROZEN immediately as no excuse will be entertained not even ignorance. If you want to withdraw from an account where you have bonus,ensure that you have atleast your bonus amount or more but not less in your balance/total account balance before placing your withdrawal,once your withdrawal has been approved,then you can go ahead and re-invest your account balance which will now go into your active deposit.So you have to be very careful when placing withdrawals,ask questions if you are not sure of anything because your account will be FROZEN even if you only withdraw 1 dollar or make an attempt to withdraw it. Hence it is always advisable to read our rules before placing a withdrawal.

How can i unfreeze my account so that it can become active again?

Once your account with us is FROZEN it affects your lineage (your upliners and your downliners,including your upliners or downliners lineage in all),you and them can no longer withdraw funds until you unfreeze but you can keep re-investing the funds in your account until you are ready to unfreeze and for you to unfreeze you have to deposit 4 times the amount you have in your account with us directly to our blockchain and your account will unfreeze immediately and automatically without us interfering,you can then decide if you want to withdraw all your funds or withdraw part of it and reinvest part of it,it is all up to you,You are free to make the deposit is bits but it should not exceed 48hrs apart,provided its not approved,else you will start again,but you are free to withdraw all the funds in your account once your unfreeze..

Is there any other reason that can make my account FROZEN?

Yes you can withdraw all your capital and profit,but on no account should you withdraw your capitial or part of your capital when you were given a bonus attached with the capital without informing us, so that you do not invest with our bonus alone or our bonus and part of your capital alone,you must first instruct that we close the account and take our bonus before you make withdrawals of the capital and you can withdraw all or part of your capital if you like,if you go ahead and withdraw then you will automatically freeze your account, you are free to withdraw the profit made from the bonus even if it is a million dollars.Again,always make sure that your receiving wallet address is correct,not empty(n/a) or no wrong details written,else once you withdraw and it is wrong,your account will be FROZEN automatically so as to prevent the money from going to the wrong account or get missing, also for security reasons,if you have not made any withdrawal in the last 30 days please change your wallet address before requesting for a withdrawal but if it is your first time to withdraw then inform us before changing,do not change your wallet address more than twice in a week,if you must do so for any reason best known to you,then inform us so that we can activate allow from our end,else you will freeze your account,once you click on withdraw and it bounces back(FROZEN) it will keep bouncing back until you unfreeze.Again if you are having any trouble withdrawing and not sure of what the issue is,do not make any change in your account(wallet address,email address etc),just send a mail to support. Lastly,if you initiate a deposit then ensure you make that deposit before requesting for a withdrawal. Look! If you ignore all these and go ahead to request for a withdrawal,then you have unknowingly frozen your account and you have to unfreeze, before you can place a withdrawal as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

Is there any other way to unfreeze apart from that?

No,that is the only way,hence you must be very careful even though the money you are depositing to unfreeze is still your money and can be withdrawn immediately after you have unfrozen it,it is just a measure to ensure you are the rightful owner of the account.

Then we will advise you should not register as our rules are our rules and cannot change for any individual.


Of course you can have multiple accounts but they must all be active, ensure you close anyone that is not active before opening a new one,if you have not closed the inactive,dormant or frozen accounts then your other accounts will be traced via wallets addresses,IP addresses,uplines or downlines etc and new deposits or withdrawals will not be allowed on them until you close them. If you do not want to close them,then do not use same IP or wallet addresses for them as it is programmed to work that way

How to become representative of Bitinvestworld?

Send us a mail for details to email or call.

Then change your wallet address before instituting a withdrawal, if the account has been running for over one month,else you will unknowingly freeze your account. It will be assumed you are closing your account if you withdraw all the funds but if you leave a balance that is less than $20 (since its the least investable deposit) your account will be automatically frozen,so it is advisable you withdraw all of it.

Send us a mail for details.

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